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Японка по происхождению, уже более 10 лет живет в Англии. Является одним из немногих учителей Дзикиден Рейки, обучившимся в ступень «Дай-Сихан», что наделяет ее правом обучать людей, стремящихся стать помощником учителя («Сиханкаку») по системе Дзикиден Рейки.

Рика — холистический терапевт широкого профиля. Ее знакомство с Дзикиден Рейки состоялось в 2004 году, когда она прошла обучение у Тадао Ямагути, главы института Дзикиден Рейки в Киото, Япония. С тех пор тесно сотрудничает с институтом и с Тадао Ямагути.

Рика выступает в качестве переводчика на семинарах Тадао Ямагути по Дзикиден Рейки. С ее помощью семинары Тадао Ямагути последние девять лет проводятся и в Великобритании. Кроме того, Рика участвует в семинарах по Дзикиден Рейки, проводимых в Японии.
Проведя детство и юность в Японии, Рика обладает глубоким пониманием смысла и идей, заключенных в системе Японской Рейки, которые сложно понять человеку, не знакомому с культурой этой страны. Рика чрезвычайно точно и доступно передает идеи, сущность и методы истинной Рейки Микао Усуи любому, кто желает обучиться искусству японского целительства.

ikiden Reiki: Improve Your Body & Mind

mount kurama birthplace of reikiSomewhere near where this photograph was taken on Mount Kurama in Japan, Mikao Usui had a spiritual enlightenment. From this the Usui Reiki Method for Improving Body and Mind was born. Nearly 100 years later his Reiki system has spread all over the world and millions of people have benefitted from it. Reiki is best translated as ‘universal energy’. It flows through all living things and can improve minor illnesses and injury and even chronic conditions of body and mind. Learn more about Reiki – please enjoy browsing my website, there is a lot of information available to you here.

Jikiden Reiki is For Everyone

I practice Jikiden Reiki, which  is a traditional school of purely Japanese Reiki. Jikiden Reiki is a very simple way to improve body and mind. It is very down to earth and no belief is required – so it can be used by people of any or no religion. All humans have a natural ability to channel Reiki energy. Reiki training has a method to wake up the channel which is dormant and you are instructed in how to apply Reiki in various situations. The founder of Japanese Reiki explained that it is more of a practical treatment, rather than a spiritual discipline. If you are interested in Jikiden Reiki training you can find out about the Reiki courses I offer.

How is Jikiden Reiki different to other styles of Reiki?

Jikiden Reiki has a different attitude reflecting the difference in Japanese and Western thought. We develop ourselves by living according to the 5 principles of created by Mikao Usui. The five principles of Reiki are regarded to be a key part of Reiki practice. Being kind to others is one of the 5 principles and the best way to do it is to give Reiki treatment.

In Jikiden Reiki there is no relaiance on formal hand positions. Though we do teach students about the hand positions given to us by the founder Mikao Usui and Dr Hayashi – these are really for beginners. Beginnners may not yet sense Reiki or ‘Byosen’ easily. Practitioners cultivate their ability to search for “Byosen” (build ups of toxins in the client) to find the areas that need treating most and determine how long to spend on each based on this and experience.

How long has Jikiden Reiki been around?

Jikiden Reiki has a 75 year history. You can find out more about Reiki history here.

Jikiden Reiki changes Lives

Jikiden Reiki commonly has a significant impact on people that experience it. Most people do not believe  in Reiki before trying it. However, many people I have treated with Jikiden Reiki have been impressed enough to learn it for themselves.  Most people report deep relaxation and many experience pleasant sensations like pulsating or waves of waves of energy, for example.

In my case i just attended a weekend Reiki course out of interest. Not many years later I found myself  leading a large group of Jikiden Reiki students up Mount Kurama! I never knew I had any such inclination or ability before I found Reiki, and I have enjoyed using Reiki on myself, friends, family and customers alike – I met a lot of lovely people from learning Reiki too. I have seen many other people become amazed at Reiki and decide to become teachers when they were just interested in improving their health in the beginning, or helping a family member.

How Reiki Works

A fundamental idea of Reiki practice and many martial arts in the east is that there is a universal life force that flows through us. Reiki is a way to supply that energy to ourselves and others. The Reiki energy is typically passed to the client by the laying on of hands. Sometimes treatment is given using the eyes, breath or Psychological treatment and distance Reiki techniques. Reiki training includes a process called “Reiju” that activates Reiki flow. Reiki helps the receiver by supporting their own natural healing systems and processes. The treatment itself can be very interesting as well as relaxing and beneficial in other ways.

Reiki energy is not the same as your own energy – it is a higher energy that is all around us, and it is unlimited. Reiki is not the same as chi kung or other internal martial arts when you work with your own energy, often bringing in universal energy too and mixing it. Reiki is a lot more simple. The idea of Reiki treatment is that you are just a channel. Reiki flows in and out of you through your channel. What you pass to someone is not your own energy or spirit. So you cannot get drained or depleted by Reiki if you practice the original method. One does not need to put any effort or willpower into the treatment, one simply needs to lay hands and let the universe do the rest. Chiyoko Yamaguchi, founder of Jikiden Reiki lived a long healthy life using Reiki on a daily basis. The practice of Reiki encourages more energy to flow through you, and so it is beneficial to the self to treat other people.

Rika Tanaka

Rika Tanaka

Jikiden Reiki Dai Shihan (Senior Teacher) at Jikiden Reiki Life
I was born and raised near Nagoya in Japan. I now live in England where I run an official branch of the Jikiden Reiki Institute. I am a full time holistic therapist. I provide Reiki and other treatments from my Reiki room in Chorleywood, Hertfordshire. I also run regular training courses across the country. I have dedicated my life to promoting understanding of authentic Reiki from a Japanese perspective. I want to support Jikiden Reiki students and people interested in traditional Japanese Reiki with quality information. I will continue to build this website so please visit again or subscribe to keep up with the latest news and information.
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